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Green Steps

Green Steps

Green Landscaping’s business is built on the idea to create pleasant and inclusive outdoor environments for all – a condition for this is also that we have an inclusive society overall

Green Steps is a trainee program that includes a mentorship and combines training with work experience. Participants will be part of Green Steps and develop their skills while receiving hands-on experience together with an instructor. The aim is that the participants will be validated according to the industry’s work certification, equivalent to a high school level proficiency.

Education takes place in cooperation with municipalities and municipal housing companies, which are also our customers. We offer practical and theoretical education for a period of 6-24 months. Upon completion of education, special certification can be given and any employment at Green Landscaping. 

The goal is to develop the skills of new arrivals and long-term unemployed, to contribute to reduced exclusion in society while at the same time creating loyalty and well-being within our business.

We are convinced that a large part of our recruitment will take place in this form of education.

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